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11 June 2020- Facilities Management Standars ISO 41001 and SANS 1752
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28 May 2020 - Fire safety and sanitizing fogging during the Covid-19 pandemic
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21 May 2020 - Returning to the workplace - The Future workplace - An International perspective
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13 May 2020 - SAFMA World FM Day Webinar
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7 May 2020 - SAFMA Covid-19 Webinar Series
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30 April 2020 - A live panel discussion with the SAFMA Board
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17 April 2020 - Pandemic Recovery: Re-Opening Facilities - Webinar
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16 April 2020 - Control and mitigation efforts in the BE
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14 April 2020 - Built Environment Measures
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07 April 2020 - A Guide to work from Home
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06 April 2020 - A Free Webinar Series To Guide You Through Disruption
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06 April 2020 - SAFMA Member Profile
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03 April 2020 - COVID-19 Force Majeure
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03 April 2020 - Webcast on your health at home
Follow the link below to Join Dr. Jovan Pantelic, Dr. Linda Miller and Dr. Sally Augustin for a webcast discussion about navigating the new normal and putting health first when working from home.
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24 March 2020 - COVID-19 Pandemic
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13 September 2019 - Membership release GM
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ISO Press Release

A new article has been jointly developed by ISO/TC-251 and ISO/TC-267 and released internationally on 26 June 2018 . Click here  to read the press release. The paper highlights the important interrelationship of two management system standards developed to improve overall organizational performance:

  • ISO 55001, Asset management – Management system – Requirements
  • ISO 41001, Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use

    According to ISO 41011:2017 Facility Management (FM) is an “organizational function which integrates people, place and process within the Built Environment with the purpose of improving the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business

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The SABS Technical Committee (TC 267) for FM has decided to retain SANS1752:2017 (Strategic Facilities Management System- Requirements with guidelines) as the SA standard notwithstanding the recent publication of ISO 41001:2018 (Facility management —Management Systems— Requirements with guidance for use.)
While similar in the sense that both of these standards address the FM Management System, the standards also contain some important differences. Other considerations that influenced the TC’s decision were the fact that SANS 1752 was already known in the local market and had already been specified for compliance in a DPW tender, that it would be easier to implement while keeping the cost of compliance affordable. It was decided that the SANS standard would be better suited to the greater majority of local industry players, both providers and demand organisation, and that it had greater potential for promoting growth in the local industry. While it is acknowledged that there may be local practitioners that may be compelled to implement ISO 41001 due to cross border operations or being part of a global organisation, the TC had to consider what was ultimately best for the wider industry.
It is anticipated that with the experience of implementation, these SANS and ISO standards may well converge to the extent where the adoption of a single standard may be likely over time.

SABS Electro-Technical Sector Stakeholder Engagement - 30 August 2018
You are cordially invited to attend a one-day SABS Electro-Technical Sector Stakeholder Workshop and Site Tour for 150 delegates, hosted by SABS in association with EE Publishers.
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Government Notices No. 563 : Published for Public Comments : Draft Licensing Exemption and Registration Notice
Interested persons and organisations are invited to submit written comments on the proposed amendments to the Licensing Exemption and Registration Notice tot he Director-General, Department of Energy, Private Bag X96, Pretoria, 0001; Matimba House 192 Visagie Street Pretoria, or emails

7 February 2019 - History of Facility Management
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14 February 2019 – FM Talk Show - SAFMA mechanism for self-declaration of conformance with SANS 1752, and prelude to the SAFMA FM Awards
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21 February 2019 - SAFMA Awards gala dinner
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